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iGlow Cosmetics

iGlow Hairbrush Mini

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The iGlow Hairbrush stands as an exclusive gem in the realm of haircare. It is uniquely created to bestow benefits not just upon your hair, but also your scalp. It intertwines real wild boar bristles with the highest quality nylon. Ensuring a seamless glide through your tresses while gently and effectively detangling locks.

This harmonious combination caters to a diverse range of hair types, promoting a luxurious and nurturing haircare experience.

But what sets the iGlow Hairbrush apart isn't just its exquisite design and impeccable functionality? It is the firsthand testimony from users like Holly Taylor. Hear Holly share her personal experience with the iGlow Hairbrush, as she delves into the transformative effects it has had on her hair and scalp. The brush becomes more than just a grooming tool; it's a conduit for self-expression and self-care.

Join the ranks of those who have experienced the magic of the iGlow Hairbrush, where innovation meets indulgence. Elevate your haircare routine with a brush that not only styles with finesse but also cares for your hair and scalp in ways that go beyond the ordinary.

How to take care of the hairbrush:

  1. Remove all hair.
  2. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of mild shampoo. Rotate the brush several times to create lather.
  3. Drip a few drops of mild shampoo directly onto the brush and use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the bristles and rubber pad.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
iGlow Hairbrush Mini - iGlow Cosmetics
iGlow Hair Brush Mini - iGlow Cosmetics
iGlow Hair Brush Mini - iGlow Cosmetics
iGlow Hair Brush Mini - iGlow Cosmetics
iGlow Hair Brush Mini - iGlow Cosmetics
iGlow Hairbrush Mini

Hairbrushes handmade with premium natural materials

Discover iGlow's luxurious hairbrushes, created to nourish both hair and scalp. Our hairbrushes are handmade with premium natural materials, designed to reduce damage and static electricity, and promote hair that is shiny, strong, and healthy.

Achieve perfect "hairmony" for your hair with brushes by iGlow Cosmetics.

"Love this!! The hairbrush was truly AMAZING to use 🙌"

Your hair deserves the best! The high-quality hairbrush from iGlow is not only comfortable but also optimized for the well-being of your hair. Our design ensures that even the most sensitive hair types can enjoy a gentle and pleasant hairbrush experience.

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