Top 5 hacks for the summer


.. and the rest of the year

Our lashes have had a well-deserved rest from lash extensions with closed saloons, and maybe even a lockdown-glow up with iGlow?

We had a quick chat with the hobby-skincare queen, Kristine (@ihatemakeupwipes ), for some life hacks to remember for a hot-girl-summer, and the rest of the year.

SPF! ☀️
This is important all year round, but especially during the summer months. Take care of your skin. SPF is the most efficient product there is to prevent wrinkles, and more importantly, protect your skin.

Drop the mascara in the summer heat! 💦
After trying serums for both lashes and brows that gave false promises, I have to say I was really sceptical. But iGlow blew my mind! Short lashes and over-plucked brows (born before 1995 - you know what I'm talking about) is no longer a problem!

Cleanse your skin!🧖‍♀️
Even though you might use less makeup during the summer, is it important to cleanse the skin and remove SPF at the end of the day. Kristine recommends a light gel cleanser.

Vitamin serums ✨
Vitamin-C together with SPF is the ultimate protection for your skin. Vitamin C helps protect the skin from free radicals and helps with collagen production.

Moisturize 🧴
This is important all year round. During the summer, it can be nice to use one without oils, as this feels lighter on your skin.

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