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Find the best mascara for length and volume:

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of iGlow with the best mascaras for length and volume. Featuring the exceptional trio of Boosting, Panoramic, and High Volume mascara. Dive into the allure of luscious lashes.

Our Boosting Mascara is enriched with the innovative Widelash™, which works its magic to bestow strength and fullness upon your lashes. The Panoramic Mascara extends beyond the ordinary. Delivering remarkable length and immaculately separated lashes that define elegance.

For you who are seeking an extra dose of glamour:

Our High Volume Mascara stands as the pinnacle, elevating your lashes to with its intense volume and length. Experience the eye-catching beauty with mascaras crafted to ensure a flawless look, free from clumps, and effortlessly easy to apply.

The iGlow Mascara Collection invites you to select your personal favourite, promising a difference that enhances your natural beauty. Unleash the power of choice and embrace the allure of iGlow.

3x iGlow High Volume Mascara - iGlow Cosmetics

iGlow High Volume Mascara

Elevate your lash game with the iGlow High Volume Mascara. A revolutionary beauty essential that propels your lashes to extraordinary heights and unleashes an unparalleled blend of length and volume. This mascara boasts an innovative formula designed for instant and jaw-dropping results.

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iGlow Boosting Mascara, 11 ml - iGlow Cosmetics

iGlow Boosting Mascara, 11 ml

iGlow Boosting Mascara is infused with the patented Widelash™ ingredient, proven to help lashes grow longer, fuller, and stronger.

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iGlow Panoramic Mascara, 11 ml - iGlow Cosmetics

iGlow Panoramic Mascara, 11 ml

With its weightless formula, this mascara suits both long and shorter lashes: Explore a new dimension of length and separation with iGlow's Panoramic Mascara and witness the transformation of your lashes.

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