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Over 100 000 Scandinavian women are using iGlow Long Lashes Serum with stunning success! We believe that you should also benefit from using this new and unique product to achieve those lashes you've always dreamed of. Our products are top quality, clinically tested, and manufactured according to the latest EU Cosmetic Act.

Why should you use the iGlow Long Lashes Serum?

You may have contemplated lash extensions, but there is absolutely no need, as long as you're using iGlow Long Lashes Serum. Your own lashes, just longer, fuller, darker – and more importantly – they're real! However, that doesn't mean you can't use extensions or false lashes, if you really want to! The iGlow Long Lashes Serum does not contain oils, so the serum is perfectly safe to use with falsies.

The magic is in the formula

Nurturing ingredients supply your lashes with the extra nutrition they need, in order to thrive and grow in a healthy and natural way.
The iGlow serum does not contain prostaglandins, but pentapeptides, which means a milder and more gentle serum for sensitive skin.
The complete list of ingredients is available on our product page.

You only need 3 seconds per day

Complementing the incredible results produced by our iGlow Long Lashes Serum, is it's efficiency and ease of use.
By using oils, one would require several minutes of application and drying time every day, with no guaranteed results.
iGlow Long Lashes Serum requires only a few seconds per day for a few weeks. Clean and effective – guaranteed!

Upload your image and apply to get a serum for FREE*