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Magnetic Eyelashes, Sapphire single-pack

Magnetic Eyelashes from Lola's Lashes
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NEW! As the only store outside the UK, iGlow has been given the honor of selling the magnetic eyelashes from Lola's Lashes. Finally available to everyone!

Suitable for any occasion, Sapphire Lashes provide a subtle but noticeable lift in the volume and length of your lashes. These are the perfect magnetic lashes for those looking for elegant lashes for a sophisticated yet natural look

Longer eyelashes for every occasion that stays on all night, and you never have to worry about using glue ever again.

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The magnetic eyelashes from Lola's Lashes gives you voluminous and longer eyelashes in an instant, without worrying about glue. They stay on in rough weather. Apply the magnetic eyeliner and let it dry for a minute or two before you attach the magnetic eyelashes. Easy to apply with a bit of practice! Even easier to remove, without having to worry about glue.

The kit contains magnetic eyelashes, magnetic eyeliner, and an oil-based makeup remover to remove the eyeliner (do not use the oil on the magnetic eyelashes). Store the magnetic eyelashes in the cute box they arrived in when you’re not using them.

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ProductlistMagnetic Eyelashes from Lola's LashesMagnetic Eyelashes, Sapphire single-pack