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iGlow Eyebrow Serum - Tri-pack

Get fuller and darker eyebrows with the iGlow Eyebrow Serum, which combines active ingredients from pentapeptides, Capixyl™️ and plant extracts* The unique iGlow nutrient and conditioning ingredients, stimulates inactive hair follicles and can make the active ones reach their full potential. For best results, apply daily for 12 weeks.

• Skin must be clean and dry before application (no oils, creams or makeup).

• Apply twice per day.

• Apply on clean skin, just above or below your eyebrows, so the serum can sink into the skin and stimulate your hair follicles.

• Does not contain any oils.

• Clinically tested with documented effect. All ingredients are approved be the EU Cosmetic Directive and the FDA.

• Vegan and cruelty free.

How to use the iGlow serums

* Results normally appears within 3-12 weeks, depending on your eyebrow growth cycle. Results may vary individually.
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