17th of May offer

Why do we have a super offer on May 17th, you might wonder?

In this photo, Gina is wearing a bunad, which is an umbrella term for a range of traditional Norwegian rural clothes and folk costumes. A large part of the Norwegian population are wearing different bunads on May 17th. As you can see, they go very well with the iGlow serums!

We are a Norwegian based company, located on the west coast, in the beautiful city of Bergen.

May 17th is the Norwegian Constitution Day, and it's hugely celebrated all over the country! Therefore, we figured we'd celebrate it with you, and throw in a great offer at the same time 🤩

Discount code 'MAY17' gives you a total discount of 27% on ALL iGlow products until midnight May 17th!

Wishing you a lovely 17th of May!

Lot's of love from the iGlow team 🥰


The world famous port of Bergen:

Bergen from above: