Three easy steps for perfect eyelashes!

LEIV / iGLOW β€’ WEDNESDAY, 20th JUNE, 2018
It's not difficult, it seems like magic - but this actually works! If you do this every day - and it only takes five seconds - your lashes will become what you always dreamed them to be. Fuller, longer, darker looking.

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1. Gently remove your makeup

It is important to treat your eyelashes with care. Remove all makeup gently and wash with clean water. Make sure nothing remains as this may damage the hair.

2. Apply serum 1-3 mm above the lashes - just like eyeliner

Nurturing ingredients supply your lashes with the extra nutrition they need in order to thrive and grow in a healthy and natural way.
The iGlow serum does not contain prostaglandins, but pentapeptides, which means a milder and more gentle serum for sensitive skin.
The complete list of ingredients is available on our product page.

3. Let it work its magic πŸ¦„

Apply the serum every night before going to bed. Remember that a good night's sleep promotes your body's natural rejuvenation process 😘
Complementing the incredible results produced by our iGlow serum, is it's efficiency and ease of use.
By using oils, one would require several minutes of application and drying time every day with no guaranteed results.
iGlow Lashes Serum requires only a few seconds for a few weeks' treatment. Clean and effective. Guaranteed!
Here are Sara's before/after images.

Perfect for sporty, active women!

As an active woman who appreciates her appearance while staying in shape, iGlow serum is perfect for you!
Never worry about extensions falling off or having to re-apply eye makeup while training again.
Several Norwegian professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts swear by iGlow Long Lashes Serum... and so will you!
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